Welcome to the premier network of Independent Security Consultants

Big companies hold a sizeable share of this multi-billion dollar industry. You have the skills and the desire to promote your services. But let’s face it,  you are a security expert and the idea of  getting out there and get clients is mindboggling.

Enter SECURUS.  We are the solution to your problems. Our confidential database of security consultants has national and international reach. SECURUS is always seeking for contracting opportunities and jobs for security consultants. We will market your expertise, secure contracts, handle payments and connect you with potential companies looking for your services. We have high standards to meet the most demanding of clients.  Our unique blend of web marketing, search engine optimization, advertisement, and social media integration will give you access to an untapped market of clients.

The best part, SECURUS does not want to take over your company or becoming your employer. You will still be able to market your company and accept other assignments and/or clients. You will be a SECURUS Independent Consultant. As such, you will have to borne any responsibility for your services offered, any licensing requirements, tax and legal requirements in your country of origin and/or State (US). We only ask from you two things: one, we will require you fulfill your obligations with any SECURUS client as per the contract and two, we ask you to preclude yourself from taking employment with the client during the duration of the contract or project until the collection of our final payment.

Upon receiving payment from the client we will collect a fee (a minimum of 10%); but it will never be more than you consider reasonable and commensurate with our efforts on acquiring and securing you the client.  This will be use to our ongoing marketing efforts, costs associated with our services and of course... profits. We are business after all.  In addition, there is a nominal (100% tax deductible) fee of $10.oo dollars a month for covering the costs of ongoing customer relationships, database and technology management.

Ready to get started. Please send us your CV or resume.  However, please understand we are very selective. As such, we ask you to provide us with CV or resume, examples of work and letters of recommendation and/or endorsement from clients. There may be additional steps on the screening process (as necessary) such as a full background check and interviews. Placement is not guaranteed and we reserve the right to deny membership to any applicant which fails to meet our standards. The information you provide us will be confidential and won’t be shared without your consent. It’s just part of our through vetting process to offer clients the best of the best and true and tested professionals.


We are looking for experts in the following fields.

Physical Security asseemnts

Security design consulting


Penetration testing

Fraud detection and prevention

Premise security

Maritime and port security

Security policies

Loss prevention

Executive protection (Close protection professional)


DDOS incident management

Network Security

Digital Forensics.


The following certifications preferred: CFE, CPP, PSP, PSI, CISSP, CEH, CCFP, CCE, GNFA, GCFA, GCFE, GREM in combination with professional experience and/or education. Security clearance and proficiency on foreign languages is highly desirable.

We are confident we can deliver you clients. However, even if we are unable to so; memberhip still has its benefits. As part of our team, we are constantly securing discounts and deals with major business services providers, medical services, food and travel lodging, liability insurance, fitness clubs,  professional magazines, database companies  and more. We understand the nuts and bolts of running a business and we want to provide you with leverage to secure the best deals you need to run your business and get the job done The amount of savings in outweighs any (100% tax deductible) costs related to our services. It's a minimal risk to take for a win-win transaction.

Remember: We are in the BUSINESS of getting YOU business and help you grow.  We look forward to hearing from you.